Nananan Kiriko (b. 1972)
Japan, 2010
Paperback book (manga), ink and color on paper
Copyright: Nananan Kiriko / Fanfare / Ponent Mon
Anonymous gift

Blue focuses upon two young women, Endō Masami and Kirishima Kayoko, who develop romantic feelings towards one another during their senior year in high school. When Endō’s former lover resurfaces, Kirishima suffers feelings of betrayal, and the two struggle to regain each other’s trust.

In this scene, Endō admits her love to Kirishima for the first time, and Kirishima responds with a passionate kiss.

Originally serialized in the magazine COMIC Are! from January—October 1996, Blue was published as a single-volume book in 1997. In 2003, it was adapted into a live-action film directed by Hiroshi Andō, and in 2006, the English edition was released by Fanfare/Ponent Mon.