Though primarily intended for a female audience, the manga of Anno Moyoco (b. 1971) juggle a wide range of topics. While her most commercially successful work to date has been Sugar Sugar Rune (Shuga shuga rūn, serialized 2003–2007), a fantasy drama intended for younger readers, Anno is also known for more mature works, such as Happy Mania (Happii mania, serialized 1995–2001), which deals with the troublesome love lives of women in contemporary Japan, and In Clothes Called Fat (Shibō to iu na no fuku wo kite, serialized 1996–1997), which portrays a young woman’s struggle with bulimia. Displayed here is Anno’s tour de force, Sakuran: examples of original artwork produced for the text, a copy of the manga in paperback format, and a digital version of the text in its entirety.