Attributed to Utagawa Kuniyasu 歌川国安 (1794–1861)
The Harbor of Love: On the Island of Women (Koi no minato nyōgo no shimada)
Japan, Edo period (1615–1868), 1830
Woodblock-printed book; ink and color on paper
Purchase, Richard Lane Collection, 2003

Two devotees prostrate themselves before a monstrously large phallus and vagina.

For a discussion on the thematic precedents for this imagery, please see “Shunga before the 19th Century: Parodies of Religion in Erotic Books,” posted elsewhere in this exhibition.

For a more thorough discussion of the legendry upon which this text is based, please also see A Treasure Ship Embarking at the Isle of Women (Nyōgo no shima takara no irifune, c. 1848–1854) by Insui Sōjin Nameyasu (active c. mid-19th century) and Utagawa Kunimaro (active c. 1830s–1860s), two volumes of which are on display in this exhibition.

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